We love and appreciate this beautiful spot on the planet where we live. Because of their unique beauty UNESCO declared the Dolomites a World Heritage Site. We believe: this is worth protecting and we are committed to being proactive.

r-icon-grün   The biomass power plant at the Hotel Rainer Eggele San Candido
The Hotel Rainer Eggele in San Candido also operates a biomass power plant. It is fuelled with organic wood and supplies not only the Hotel and Residence Rainer Eggele with clean energy but also provides 20 further households in the neighbourhood with heat from renewable energy.
Our tip: once a week we offer a guided tour through the biomass plant!


r-icon-grün   Environmental protection at the Rainer Eggele
We think in terms of sustainability and always strive to limit the burden on the environment. We therefore
  • avoid generating waste or we collect and separate it: cans, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, organic waste
  • use energy saving lamps and lighting with movement sensors, and we use renewable energy
  • as far as possible avoid changing linen and bath towels
  • install taps and toilets in a way that they save water
  • use environmentally friendly cleaning products manufactured in South Tyrol
  • avoid long distance transport and buy from local companies
  • have opted for an natural outdoor swimming pond with natural water purification
  • do what we can to also raise awareness among our guests