For centuries, for millennia even, people have known about the soothing and healing properties of massages. The right massage delivered by practised and trained hands, can work miracles. Whether whole body massage or a particular partial body massage: special concentrated extracts and essential oils further enhance the soothing effects of the massage. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage during your holidays in San Candido!

Relaxation massage Nothing relaxes a stressed body more than a soothing back massage
25 minutes      32,00 €

Partial body massage Back, neck and legs massage that dissolves tensions.
25 minutes      32,00 €

Special back massage Back and neck pamper treatment that dissolves tensions and blockages.
25 minutes      32,00 €

Full body massage Ideal for regeneration. The full body massage focuses especially on the skin and the tissue beneath the skin. It increases the blood flow and strengthens the blood vessels of the internal organs.
50 minutes      55,00 €

Manual partial and full body lymphatic drainage The lymphatic drainage activates the body’s lymphatic system to detox the tissues. With tender pumping action and gentle pressure the lymphatic fluid is moved to release blockages. This massage is highly recommended for tired, heavy legs, oedemas or varicose veins.
25 minutes       35,00 €
50 minutes       58,00 €